Factoring Attorney - Pembroke Pines

NEED A FACTORING ATTORNEY IN PEMBROKE PINES? You've come to the right place.

At Loren & Kean Law, our Factoring Attorney in Pembroke Pines is a member of the International Factoring Association. We represent factoring companies located throughout the nation in factoring law litigation. Most unique, our Factoring Attorney in Pembroke Pines combines their expertise in factoring law and the construction process, liens and bonds to assist factoring companies who specialize in factoring receivables or lending to construction related companies.

Typical counseling involves:

  • Advice Regarding risk and protections in the factoring relationship
  • Preparation and negotiation of agreements unique to the construction factoring relationships
  • Litigation involving breach of contract, guarantees, fraud, misappropriated payments and VCC related issues.

Contact us today at 561.615.5701 to speak with one of our Factoring Attorney in Pembroke Pines! Our team's top priority is resolving clients' cases quickly and efficiently, which requires us to be responsive to their needs and adept at navigating the legal system. In addition, our Factoring Attorney in Pembroke Pines have a great deal of respect for our clients, as demonstrated through honest communication, courtesy and trust.